Saturday Dress Store Policy

To our valued customers,

Saturday Dress Global Co. is a registered company under the Philippines Security and Exchange Commission and Philippines Bureau of Internal Revenue.

One of the main objectives of Saturday Dress Global Co. is to provide our customers a cheaper way of purchasing fashionable clothes and accessories. To realize this, we offer a Pre-order System to save on cost and avoid wastage. This means that we need to receive a payment of half of the total amount of the item(s) you wish to get before we order the pieces from our supplier, and we only ship or send the items to you when the rest of the amount is settled.

The cut-off time for orders and arrival of items are scheduled on the middle and end of each month. The exact date of nearest cut-off and arrival time is posted on the main page.

We check the quality of our items TWICE before we send them to our customers. Hence, we guarantee you a good quality.

WE DO NOT ALLOW EXCHANGING NOR RETURNING OF ITEMS JUST BECAUSE IT WILL NOT PERFECTLY FIT YOU. Measurements/Dimensions are posted beside each picture for your reference. Please refer to the measurements before adding an item to your cart.

Unclaimed items will be kept for 2 weeks from the date of arrival. After 2 weeks, we will post and sell the items to whomever is interested to get it. The owner of the unclaimed items may still be eligible to get the items only if it’s still available and when the remaining amount is settled. If the item is no longer available the owner has an option to use the down payment to order the same item or get another item as a replacement which will be included in the nearest cut-off date.

* If our courier promises a next day delivery or 3-5 day shipping period, it is beyond our control if they cannot meet their delivery period. We will do our best though to help you follow up and track the package that we send to you.

*We are open for suggestions, please do not hesitate to send us a message.

*Saturday Dress is operating for more than 3 years now, and we are very thankful for your support! We will continue to do our best to give you a better service, quality & fashionable items at a cheaper price.